CARIFLEX is leading the future of the petrochemical industry with technological prowess

Integrity Management

We set ethical standards for all our employees and ensure full compliance at all times.

The DL Group Code of Ethics reflects our commitment to ethical business practice. Ensure full compliance with the code of ethics and applicable laws.

In-house Communication Channels

With Honesty and Trust as our founding values, we endeavor to enact ethical business practices.
Since we declared our Ethical Management in 2000, we have reinforced our ethical management system to meet the global standards.

  • Phase03
    • - Define Sustainable Management System
    • - Added to the DJSI World Index (Construction & Engineering in 2013)
    • - Promote voluntary compliance, sharing, and anti-corruption campaigns
  • Phase02
    • - Declare new corporate philosophy based on ethical management(2000)
    • - Establish the Code of Ethics, Guidance, Cyber Shinmungo and Secretary Office for Ethical Management
    • - Introduce Compliance Program(2004)
  • Phase01
    • - Build the foundation for ethical management and promote corporate culture
    • - Implement our guiding principles "Hansup" for improving the quality of life